The Silliest Book I Ever Heard Of is a finished picture book.  I'm currently looking for a publisher.


It follows the adventure of a group of small birds who happen upon a very silly book and journey through its pages encountering words that are too big and too small, runny ink, pages that stink and all manner of other strange things.  It's amazing what you can encounter  in the small space between the two covers of a book!

The Silliest Book I Ever Heard Of

The Silliest Book I Ever Heard Of


The Hoosengoosen Couch, a Space Age Fairy Tale is a book near completion.  The text is finished and I am currently working on the artwork.

Walter reads the tags on the cushions of the old family couch (the couch was a gift from his Uncle Hoosengoosen, a famous scientist) and discovers that the couch is intelligent (if a bit bossy) and can fly ("tell it where you want to go, how to get there it will know...").  He convinces his dog Lloyd to accompany him on a test flight and they take off through the clouds and visit the moon.  They even go all the way to the Great Mall of Saturn on a very important errand for the Man in the Moon!  He tends the Great Machine which controls Time and one of its parts is broken and he's out of spares!  Along the way, they meet comets, some very nasty asteroids, and a variety of other cosmic characters  while learning some space geography.  Can Walter and Lloyd get back to the Moon with the part for the Great Machine in time to keep the universe from getting all messed up?  Walter and Lloyd is an exciting, funny cosmic road trip about exploration, curiosity and the importance of having a true friend to watch your back.  What fun is it to have an adventure if there's no one else along for the ride, even if it's your dog and he's a bit of a nag? 

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